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Thread: Help zeroing in on data with query

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    Help zeroing in on data with query

    Hey everyone,

    I'll start with my query since its pretty straight forward and will help me explain my problem.

    SELECT * FROM trailers_model_specs WHERE product_model_id='$foreach_value' && (product_spec_id IN (3, 15, 41))
    Basically, the script has a few product_model_id's and I need to find which product_model_ids have a record for each product_spec_id.

    Is there someway to do IN ALL, or what is the proper method? If the product_model_id was 3, and there was a record each for 3, 15, and 41 in the product_spec_id column with product_model_id=3, then I would include that product_model_number to display the model number.

    Thanks in advance for the help. I hope I explained it alright.

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    If understand your question correctly, you have a list of product id's from somewhere and you want to check if each one of them exists in a record in a database table.

    If that is so, then maybe try something like this:

    foreach($modelNumberArray as $key => $value) {
          $query = 'select * from trailers_model_specs where product_spec_id = '.$value;
          // your code to run the query
          // if the number of rows returned is > 0 then print the $value
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