I've got the following lines in a new.html.erb file within a RubyOnRails app:

<%= button_to_function("ShowList", %<page["vendor_droplist"].toggle> ) %>
<br />
<div id="vendor_droplist" style="display:none">
<%= select_tag "list",
:multiple => true, :size => 3 %>

The toggling of the droplist is ineffective. It was suggested that I should code the button_to_function in "block form". What would it look like in block form?

I'm running Rails 2.3.5, Ruby 1.8.6, WinXP-Pro/SP3

I don't want to go back to the same source to ask this and thus completely expose my ignorance. So I decide to pose the question here. Is that on- topic in this forum? Any ideas?

Thanks in Advance,