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Thread: Spry Menu Acts Different in PHP file

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    Spry Menu Acts Different in PHP file

    I have a web page that I am in the beginning stages of and have run into a couple difficulties. I have created an html template that works fine in my index page, but when I apply that same template to a php file for my shopping cart, things go awry.

    The page is www.new.computechracing.com

    When you go to the site, the spry menu is positioned correctly. But if you click on Shop Now that same template in php form is messed up. The text size is too small and the padding doesn't put it in the correct position. I have a feeling that theres something that I need to do differently to make it work in php but have no clue.

    Little background info. I created the template as an html template in Dreamweaver, created a new page off of the html template and placed the php code for the shopping cart inside the editable region. Then when i went to save the file I changed the extension from html to php.

    I know I'm doing something wrong so someone please let me know what so I can stop banging my head against the wall.

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    From the looks of of the e-commerce system on the website looks like a package you have downloaded. The stylesheet for the e-commerce part of the site has a predefined font-size in its body tag which is overriding the font-size on the unordered list. Try redefining the list font-size to a pixel value; 15px seems to compare fairly well to the size of the menu items on the home page.

    Hope this helps.



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