My client wanna delete undesired messages from his miniblog.
A repeating zone (code below) shows these posts and include a button to delete each of them. But it doesn't works out. Where is the error?

      <?php do { ?>
        <p class="style6">Em <?php echo $data = implode("/", array_reverse(explode("-", substr($row_myRdset['data'],0,10)))); ?>  &agrave;s <?php echo substr($row_myRdset['data'],11); ?>
        <?php echo $row_myRdset['nome']; ?>
        (mailto:<?php echo $row_myRdset['email']; ?>
        ) escreveu: <?php echo $row_myRdset['coment']; ?> e ID<?php echo $row_myRdset['id']; ?>: 

        <input name="submit" type="submit" id="id" value=<?php $id = $_GET["id"]?>;
	 mysql_query("delete from guestbook where id = $id")
	 ?>" />
        <?php } while ($row_myRdset = mysql_fetch_assoc($myRdset)); ?>
PLease help me in this question!!