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Thread: help with presenting information

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    help with presenting information

    I am currently trying to obtain information from the google finance API, and then present it on my page in a factual manner, ie in graphs so i can give the users of my site a clean way of checking how well their stocks are doing etc

    so far i can retrieve the necessary information from google, but im unsure about what to do next, i know i need to create some sort of database, but im not too sure about where i should create it, could i create in javascript? or would i have to look at other means to create it?

    thaanks in advance

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    If you are getting the info live from google, i would not bother with a DB... just throw the data into an array and work with it from there.

    to produce graphs i would recommend jQuery + Flot... flot is very rough around the edges but if you get it going it can produce some very nice results.

    I don't know your skill level, if you are new to JS my recommendations could be a little daunting.

    Good luck,

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