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Thread: Download website and update in dreamweaver

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    Question Download website and update in dreamweaver


    All I want to do is download the site, go into dreamweaver to update it with some current content, and upload it back to the server. I just don't have the whole site on my local drive.

    I am wanting to copy a website to my computer to edit it on dreamweaver and then post the updates backup. The guy who normally takes care of this stuff for the club is gone, and I don't have the folders and all the files associated with the site.

    I used Httrack to download the site, but now when I go into Dreamweaver CS4 and define a new site and open the index.html file it is now a .html that hhtrack wrote and not the real index.html. However, when I open the index in firefox it opens the page. I guess because Hhtrack is to be used to view offline not to edit and repost.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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    You can define a dreamweaver site for server, wich will allow you to work directly from the server.

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    Create a folder somewhere inside your computer the define your website:
    1) Your local root folder should point to that folder you just created specially for this web site.
    2) Define the "Remote Info". I suppose you have the FTP login and password.

    Once your site definition is done, you should be able to switch from "Local View" to "Remote View" from your Dreamweaver "Files" panel. Depending on your web hosting configuration you can look for your site files in public_html, www, htdocs or browse though all the folder you can see in the remote view to locate an index.htm or index.html or index.php file. The folder containing that index file is most probably your remote host directory.

    You can then download all your files by just selecting the files or folder pertaining to your website.
    Once you are done, just switch back to local view and you should see your web site files.

    It's always a good idea to work on a local copy your web page, preview it first to make sure the changes you made are correct before uploading that file to the server.

    Unless some server-side programming is involved and your local environment does not allow you to run say PHP files, then you can still create a testing folder on the actual web hosting server.

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