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Thread: Where can I get a Shopping Cart App?

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    Question Where can I get a Shopping Cart App?

    I need to add some functionality to a website. It's all working, but my friend would like me to add just a few products with a shopping cart, inventory calculator, product manager, etc.

    This seems like a lot of work, so I was wondering if there were any prebuilt technologies out there that would help me do this faster. I am not looking for a full e-commerce store, just this bit of functionality.


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    Try this. It is pretty much just a class geared toward developers to plug a cart functionality into their apps.

    If that doesn't work, you've gotta find something here.
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    A third part shopping cart may or may not have online payment handling functionality.

    If you are looking for an easily integratable online credit card payment system, my suggestion would be to have a look at using PayPal's.

    Paypal have an online payment sytem you can easily integrate, provided you have at least an "intermediate" level of understanding of PHP and html forms, into your website using either their shopping cart or your own.

    I have built my own shopping cart but I use Paypal to handle the online transactions of any online stores I build.

    Using Paypal you don't have to worry about the security and legal obligations involved with collecting people's credit card details online.

    If interested, maybe have a look at Paypal's website and see what they offer:


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    I've built a couple sites using Magento. I believe the site is http://www.magentocommerce.com

    If not, give it a google search. I head Zencart is easy to use as well. The only problem I found with Magento is customizing. It gets difficult to find which files you need to change to customize everything. There's a ton of guides and their forums are great for resources.

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    Thanks! hastx's solution sounded good.

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    If you are after something that is very easy to set up and use then try Total Shop UK eCommerce.

    It's based on the CodeIgniter framework which makes for easy customisations.

    Download - http://sourceforge.net/projects/totalshopuk/files/
    Live Demo - http://www.totalshopuk.com


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