I only have a little experience with JavaScript. I pretty much learn as I go, just like many coders.

Having said that, I have a form that I built where the requirements were recently changed. I now have a section with checkboxes. Each checkbox, when checked, displays a div. Most divs contain 2 text boxes, but one div has a Select box and a text box after it.

I've been having multiple problems. I need to be able to validate the textboxes (required fields if their box is checked) and I want the box to disappear and validation to disengage if the user decides to uncheck that box.

I've also had some issues with checking multiple boxes (which needs to be done). Some divs don't display or disappear when checked or unchecked, depending on the combo.

Also, in the instance where the div contains a select box followed by a text box, the text box is focused but I need the Select box to have focus first. I changed the line in my javascript that gives focus to the text box's ID and it's not working.

Overall, it's poorly programmed and I think part of it is that I'm using JavaScript from a previous version of the form and trying to adapt it to the new version.

I'm looking for any advice or tutorials that might help me with this situation.

Thanks in advance.