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Thread: Buying a(n almost expired) taken domain name.

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    Buying a(n almost expired) taken domain name.

    This may seem a novice question, but I've never bought a 'taken' domain name before, only new... This domain is about to expire, so how do I go about buying it?

    The domain has no website present, so I guess I could use the whois info to simply get in touch and ask outright! Seems simple... but I see some sites offer a bidding style auction for sites that are due to expire (assuming this is not going to be reregistered). These sites take a commision of the sale, so where is the incentive to get this at a good price for me?

    Has anyone used these domain name biddding sites?

    Thanks D

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    I think godaddy does it as well, and I know that there's at least one more I can't remember right now, as well.
    backorder it (free) and if you get it, you'll have to pay something like $59 or $69....if nobody else bids on it during the auction phase.

    That's about the extent of my knowledge on the subject. I know the domain has to go through different phases of expiration (total of 75 days, I think) and you can lose it anytime I think within the first 40 days (again, not sure exactly) to the original domain owner. Then there's an auction phase that you can be involved in at the sites above. If nobody else backorders it/bids on it, then you get it for the prices above, depending on the site.

    Good luck.
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