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Thread: fading out a update message with css/javascript

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    fading out a update message with css/javascript

    hi guys, can someone assist with this?

    if i had a paragraph coded up like this:

    <p id='msg'><strong>Success:</strong> Changes have been saved!</p>

    how would i use CSS/JavaScript/DOM to make the update message fade out and then disappear completely from the screen?

    kinda like how wordpress tells you that a change has occurred and then it fades away and dissapears. i think facebook does this too if you don't click close on messages that appear like after you add a friend?

    if i can't get the fade out effect i'd be happy to just make it disappear after say 3 seconds.

    i don't know how to use jquery but i've been using the other languages for about 10 years

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    Thanks so much Fang, I'll check it out now!

    enjoy the Easter holiday, i know i will.

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