Hey guys, I think I'm posting this in the right forum, but am not completely sure so bare with me.

I'm looking to create functionality of a users clicking a button on my site to download an .exe and then having the page automatically redirect to a page only having information on how to install that exe. Very similar to how source-forge.net handles downloads.

The actual order of the events doesn't matter as long as it's only one click for the user be prompted to download and get redirected. I'm actually pretty sure the best route to go is have the button link to the download instructions page with a message stating "you're download should pop up shortly" with PHP forcing the download from that page.

This brings up two questions as I don't know the best route to do a php force download, and security wise is this even the best route to go? I know IE does not like force downloads, though sourceforge.net seems to have a way around it. Any help?