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Thread: [RESOLVED] Help With Some Simple Code!!!

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Help With Some Simple Code!!!

    hi there, i need to know why i am getting an error here

    here is the line where the error is located:

    label.value = differencehour.toString() + ":" + differenceminute.toString() + ":" + differencesecond.toString();

    label is initialized to "00:00:00"

    all other variables are of the type int

    any helP?

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    I did not understand a word. Can you detail a little bit, please? Show us the relevant part of the HTML code, the relevant part of the javascript code, tell us what you expect that code to do and tell us what is wrong, in the end.

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    resolved Never mind

    whoops aha, wrong forum. sorry i am developing an extension, and the error has nothing to do with anything that is in the scope of this website. sorry lol. nevermind!

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