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Thread: Salary Question

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    Salary Question

    Im wondering what would be a fair salary to ask for at the current company that im working for.

    Currently this is what my job entails...

    80% - xhtml and css "themeing" for cms' like drupal, wordpress, buddypress, citysoft, avectra, etc (although thats not really as complicated as the programming side i do have to pretty much know all the API's for understanding what system will have what output.)

    (html-css 80% + 10% photoshop + 10% jquery = 80%)

    20% - client management (much in the sense that clients of sites ive worked on contact me directly so the bosses dont really have to deal with them all the time, meetings, code reviews, etc)

    Although its not tremedously complicated, it just seems like im working about 50-60 hours a week for probably half of what everyone else is making...

    If it makes a difference the company is doing extremely well form my point of view... we've hired two new employees, and have expanded offices twice in the last year...

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    Salary discussions are not permitted on the forum
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