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Thread: getting client information

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    getting client information

    Many moons ago when I started learning html, I remember writing a page that would get the visitors information. Things like: which browser they were using, which operating system, screen resolution, computer name, etc., etc.

    Thing is, I have forgotten the simpler ways to do this.

    I know there are pages that will tell you how to get any specific one, but am sure the more advanced techniques were way beyond my ability back then.

    Do any of you know any web pages that demonstrate the information that a browser can gain without asking for any information? I have tried a couple of google searches and couldnt find any that gave more than one item.

    I wonder, with security constantly becoming more important, whether many of these simpler techniques became obsolete.

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    Aruljohn has an example. There are a mixture of a server side language (I think he uses Perl), and a client-side language (I presume JavaScript, I didn't check), but the Perl ones will be obvious in the source code (because they will be just there).

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