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Thread: IE8 quirks mode Vs Standard mode

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    IE8 quirks mode Vs Standard mode

    I am having issues with my text alignment inside pop up box to not align well in IE8 document mode while it seems to look fine in IE8 quirks mode. I am new in web development and html so any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="REG_country_name_Popup" VALUE="<%=reg.getValue("country_name")%>">
    <% if (reg.getValue("country_name").equals("")){ %>
    <% } else { %>
    <% } %>

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    Just for starters, do yourself a favor and always use a <!DOCTYPE> that will put browsers in Standards Compliance mode. That will minimize the differences in how browsers render your pages. If you start designing for Quirks mode for one browser version/family, you'll almost always have problems and your code will be much more difficult to maintain.

    That said, there's little in your code fragment that I would expect to be a significant issue. You might set a specific margin on the INPUT tag if the positioning varies, I suppose. What seems to be the exact problem?
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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    Thanks for your reply but i was able to fix it. The issue was that there were lot of input fields and one pop up which needed to display the country selected in previous page but the entire alignment seemed to have been messed up in IE8. The simple fix for every <td align="left"> did it.

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