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Thread: Login and screen scrape

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    Login and screen scrape

    Hi, I need help logging in to a site remotely, storing the cookies, then screen scraping a page that uses its cookies.

    I have the login working fine but it redirects to the page that the site has listed.

    Any ideas?

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    Post your code.

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    login and scrape webpage using biterscripting IS

    You may want to try biterscripting IS (Internet Session - http://www.biterscripting.com/helppa...dinternet.html ). Here is code that I extracted from one of my scripts.

    # A string variable to store source for a web page
    var str page
    # Start a browser session.
    # "s" is the session name.
    isstart "s" "Page Scrape" "Mozilla/4.0"
    # Connect to webserver.
    # I am using a fictitious address.
    isconnect "s" "http://www.site9476zyx.com"
    # Exchange cookies.
    script SS_ISCookies.txt from("s") to("s")
    # Login
    issubmit "s" "/loginpage.php" "login=IAmMe" "password=MyPassword" > $page
    # Parse $page - assuming you want to extract a table from the page
    # and put it in .CSV format.
    echo $page > "tempfile.html"
    script SS_WebPageToCSV.txt page("tempfile.html")
    # We are done. Disconnect and close session (we will be nice).
    isdiscon "s"
    isclose "s"

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