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Thread: copy a code from existing site

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    copy a code from existing site

    Hello Guys,

    I want to copy a javascript module into my site but i have not a lot knowledge of javascripting . So is it possible for anyone that can copy a working calculator module from the www,afab,nl . it is a mortgage counter with sliders wich i like veryy much, but i want to paste it into my site... please can anyone zip this to me ?

    Thanks in advance!! maybe i'll have also something kind for the person that gives me this complete module with the sliders within...

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    The source code for that calculator isn't exposed and I expect they either bought the program or paid someone to write it for them. You might contact them and ask permission to use it on your site, or adapt one from HotScripts.com or someplace like that to suit your needs. It's would be a good way to begin learning javascript .

    I hope that helps,


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