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    Question SSL - some pointers required

    I have an account with fasthosts, and wish to have a login page which uses SSL. I have created a folder called 'SecureSSLSpace' using the fasthosts 'dashboard'. As advised by them, I uploaded a folder of the same name using FTP to my site (www.quizhat.com). In my limited understanding the URL created would be https://www.quizhat.com/SecureSSLSpace. However, the dashboard says the URL created is https://secure5.prositehosting.co.uk/SecureSSLSpace (I get really lost at this point!). Both urls work, but the one I would prefer (https://www.quizhat.com/SecureSSLSpace) says it doesn't have a valid security certificate. Fasthosts say: "Please be inform that, what you are trying to do is accessing the SSL through your the page of your domain / website https://www.quizhat.com/SecureSSLSpace. Which is not possible because it is a shared SSL." I would have thought that I need to access through my domain, otherwise my session data containing my logged in users info will not persist to other asp pages. I am a newbie to SSL, but even so, this just doesn't seem a logical approach. I just need to know the best approach to take to my login page, that preferably doesn't confuse my users by being diverted to wierd URLs. Any pointers? PS a little search on google suggested that fasthosts and SSL are a recipe for disaster. if the only solution is to change host, I need an SQL server and I have both asp and aspx pages, and this is a hobby for now, not a business - any suggestions of good low budget windows hosts in the UK?

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    You can either purchase SSL certificate from different provider and provided to your hosting provider service to install it for you. You will require to have CSR key which you will get from your current hosting provider and provide it to SSL certificate vendor and accordingly they will generate the SSL certificate.

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    Thanks for that, it convinced me that for now, I just need to put up with the shared certificate! I used a database to exchange user authentication data between the domains.

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