I have an account with fasthosts, and wish to have a login page which uses SSL. I have created a folder called 'SecureSSLSpace' using the fasthosts 'dashboard'. As advised by them, I uploaded a folder of the same name using FTP to my site (www.quizhat.com). In my limited understanding the URL created would be https://www.quizhat.com/SecureSSLSpace. However, the dashboard says the URL created is https://secure5.prositehosting.co.uk/SecureSSLSpace (I get really lost at this point!). Both urls work, but the one I would prefer (https://www.quizhat.com/SecureSSLSpace) says it doesn't have a valid security certificate. Fasthosts say: "Please be inform that, what you are trying to do is accessing the SSL through your the page of your domain / website https://www.quizhat.com/SecureSSLSpace. Which is not possible because it is a shared SSL." I would have thought that I need to access through my domain, otherwise my session data containing my logged in users info will not persist to other asp pages. I am a newbie to SSL, but even so, this just doesn't seem a logical approach. I just need to know the best approach to take to my login page, that preferably doesn't confuse my users by being diverted to wierd URLs. Any pointers? PS a little search on google suggested that fasthosts and SSL are a recipe for disaster. if the only solution is to change host, I need an SQL server and I have both asp and aspx pages, and this is a hobby for now, not a business - any suggestions of good low budget windows hosts in the UK?