Hi all,

I have a .CGI web page written in PERL language. The CGI script loads the information from a database.

So when i start the CGI page in my browser and it will only have a value in the whole page.
As in when the whole page started in the browser will have only a few characters.

Let say it retrieve Temperature recorded and which is stored in the database.
So the whole page when loaded will only show 1 temperature.
Which is "36.6" and will change when ever the database receive a newer data.

In additional, i have a html page.
There are tables in the page whereby show information. Like tables having temperature, id, sound and light columns.

My Question is that

Am i able to load the numbers/characters show on the CGI page directly into the table or any where in the HTML page?

What i can think of is putting up a link to the CGI page on the HTML file and click it when i want to view it.But it would just be too troublesome.

Lastly, thank you all for your time in reading and please pardon me for my bad English and weak HTML skills as I'm still learning.

Thanks & best regards