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Thread: CRUD records with PowerDNS?

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    CRUD records with PowerDNS?

    Hey guys,

    I am having a bit of trouble with PowerDNS queries to MySQL. I am not sure how to associate IPs with individual DNS records, or how that works.

    Is there any way to properly link IP records with DNS records in PowerDNS?

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    I've not used PowerDNS, but from a quick scan of their docs it looks like you just need to run a simple MySQL query to create an A record - an A record is what allows a lookup from hostname to IP address.

    INSERT INTO records (domain_id, name, content, type,ttl,prio)
    VALUES (1,'www.test.com','','A',120,NULL);

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    Ah, alright. This whole PowerDNS thing is tough for me to wrap my head around. When the new record is inserted into the database, is there a PowerDNS process that auto-propagates the new record to the interweb, or do you have to shell_exec() and reload httpd or whichever process handles DNS?

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