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Thread: How do you manage bot security?

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    How do you manage bot security?

    How do you manage security on your website?

    Particularly, I'm talking about bad bots who can launch malicious attacks. As we saw with Mirai malware, we don't have to know that we're compromised to be infected. And there are other serious web dangers that hit normal websites.

    According to Incapsula's 2016 Bot Report, 51% of web traffic is bots (some good, some bad) and low traffic websites get a very large number of bad bot visitors.

    Does this worry you? How should web developers working on SMB sites handle? OR is it the siteowner's responsibility and not ours?

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    I order from these guys https://s-pro.io/ a special program that helps me to track the bots. I understand that my program does not protect me from all bots, but it greatly improves the security level of my site. I do not know what else can help me in this matter.

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