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Thread: How Google's AMP project is changing the mobile web

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    How Google's AMP project is changing the mobile web

    Read about it here: https://www.shopify.ca/partners/blog...the-mobile-web

    Description: Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open-source framework, launched by Google in February 2016, thatís focused on putting mobile performance first.

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    Thanks for this. I've long been of the opinion that HTML5 and CSS3 were bloated with a lot of unnecessary features. I remember when Chrome was launched it was lightweight and fast. Not so today. I also like the constraints on the use of JavaScript. I think JS has been heavily over-used and is largely redundant.

    The need for a stripped-down subset of HTML/CSS/JS is evident, and it is good that Google have addressed it.

    My only criticisms are:

    - They seem to have introduced variants on standard HTML tags for mobile devices, which also work on PCs. I applaud the idea of making them work on PCs, but question the need, in these circumstances, for different Tags?

    - It seems to me that the enhancement of the <IMG> tag to overcome the need for page redraw when the images were downloaded largely duplicates the facility to set the WIDTH and HEIGHT already present in the standard <IMG> tag?

    I suspect, or at least hope, that there is a performance advantage in the approach that they have used.

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