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Thread: Thank you out of state jerks and college age dip****s

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    Thank you out of state jerks and college age dip****s

    For turning my quiet sleepy little town's family fun festival into a scene out of downtown Oakland.


    ... and people wonder why I have such 'issues' with educational institutions and drunken college-age halfwits.

    It's 1:30 in the morning, and we still have a helicopter circling with searchlights and a bullhorn blaring, officers from 28 separate police departments from THREE DIFFERENT STATES in riot gear on every street corner, my neighbors locked in their homes in fear, at least one fatality, and thousands of dollars of worth of property damage.

    Much less my ex showing up on my doorstep after her car was flipped over with her inside it and narrowly escaping a rape attempt... thankfully she was packing.

    Yup, thanks... thanks SO damned much.

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