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Thread: How many savings in "k" is worth loss in image quality?

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    How many savings in "k" is worth loss in image quality?

    I'm trying to decide whether or not a small loss in quality is worth the savings of a few K in some images. For example, I can convert from png to jpg on one image and go from 5.3K to 1.9K with a very small loss in quality. It's not really noticeable on a 1024x768 screen (I couldn't tell the difference until I zoomed in) and completely the same on a 1440x900. But how do you all decide what quality loss is worth it?

    How many "K" are really worth it? (and yes, I also use css sprites)

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    Until you start to notice it I think. If it becomes obviously blurry or bad quality I stop there. But I would be very slow to have images of greater than 10k, certainly I like to keep them all under that at least.

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