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Thread: Computer science required

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    Computer science required

    Hi, I am a junior BA Physics major and I found out that I love doing web development. However, most jobs particularly on dice.com indicates that a "computer science degree or related" is required. Am I at a disadvantage because I don't have one or even worst, will I be unprepared because most of the upper level CS theory classes will prove very important and useful that set web developers from those with irrelevant majors?

    And even if it does'nt matter, will I my resume be considered if I don't have the Computer science requirement yet I have Physics instead? (I don't have the time or money to go back)

    I might think that a certificate from a community college would be sufficient.


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    I have a CS degree and I never used it to get a job. I've been designing websites/applications etc for MYSELF - my own company every since I graduated 5 years ago. There's opportunities out there for everyone, you just need to be creative and know where to look.

    Remember, If you love what you do, you'll never have to "work" for the rest of your life

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