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Thread: migrating wordpress to another webserver

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    migrating wordpress to another webserver

    i have a client whose wordpress website is functioning normally and they want to change their web hosting to another company

    the website needs to be migrated exactly the way it is now onto the new webserver

    i found this link http://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress

    in order to migrate i am guessing i need to do the following

    export the sql file from the existing webserver so that i will have taken a backup of the website and also information regarding the websites post, content and other details.

    download wordpress file and edit wp-config.php and specifying the database details on the new server

    upload wordpress files to new server and install wordpress on the new webserver

    download all files and folders exactly the way it is now on the existing webserver to a local computer and upload these files and folders as it is to the new webserver by replacing all the files on the new webserver including css, javascript, images, video, audio, plugins etc and making sure wp-config.php has the correct details

    access phpmyadmin on the new server and import the sql file that i
    exported from the existing webserver

    if i follow the above steps will wordpress be installed on the new server and work exactly the way the website is working currently with all the posts, content, video, images etc

    please advice if i have missed anything


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    Yes, using that steps your wordpress blog will completely get transferred. However, also upload the theme which currently your client is using.

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