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Thread: Using CSS Wildcard in GetElementById

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    Using CSS Wildcard in GetElementById

    I want to set up a large section page with perhaps as many as several hundred items showing thumbnail image, link to item page, and info in text about the item. The sections will be dynamically generated on the server side from a database of items. I need to be able to use JS to grab the content of selected DIVs into an array for disp[lay in a right column. So I am thinking to set up a JavaScript that can read an array of DIVs that have been selected by the user checking a checkbox within each individual one they want added to their collection. This MUST be done in JavaScript, not server side.

    I might assign each a sequentially IDed DIV like <div id="itm1"> and <div id="itm2"> and so forth. Can I use wildcards both for CSS styling of an unknown number of DIVs and for reading reviewing an unknown number of them using getElementById?

    I don't think getElementByTag will work because there are other DIVs I do not want, and GetElementByName won't work because Name is not a valid attribute for a DIV. Or should I assign each of the IDs a class, and use getElementsByClassName? What's the most logical appraoch?
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