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Thread: [RESOLVED] Account Activation Script

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Account Activation Script

    Is there a good script I can use for a New Account Activation?

    You know when the use registers a new account, he receives an email asking to click on the link to activate the account?

    Thank you!

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    I don't know if there are 3rd party ASP account activation scripts but my advice would be to look for one that has an extra layer of security between clicking the link in the email and activating the account.

    In my PHP generated activation link, the user is taken to an activation page where they are prompted for the username and password they entered at registration. If they enter the correct username/password then I activate their account.

    This might be over-kill but it helps reduce the risk of someone other than the email recipient getting hold of that link and trying to use it to hack into the system.

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    I'm not really looking for a 3rd party script but rather a good tutorial or example on how to accomplish this.

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    Just create a random string (KEY) when you enter the user details into the database.

    Enter that string in a KEY field in the db and email the key to the user.

    User comes back to the site and validates the KEY. If the key validates then set the account as active.

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