Dear Collegs ,

I have one issue and hope that maybe somebody has good soluition. Namely, my problem is that first I made one new page in SharePoint and in that page add Page Viewer Web Part.
Inside Page Viewer I added link of one my web page which stay at my company IIS (so local web page).
My primary goal was that I can use that web site which made (and copy to local IIS) inside SharePoint.

The problem is that that web site have one JavaScript :
<script language="JavaScript">
<!-- if (window != top) top.location.href = location.href; // -->

The function of that JavaScript is totaly neccesery because it provide possibility that web site works on good way.
My problem is that when click on some link (and activate this JavaScript) my web site go out from SharePoint and open new page is same Tab but outside SharePoint.
Can somebody advise me how to solve this. Is possible to use some other JavaScript instead this which will have the same function.
Thanks in advance.

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