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Thread: ALT prob with MAC

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    ALT prob with MAC

    I recently present a project for a client that got Mac computer.

    I have detect many problem like valign and alt

    When i rollon a button on mac, the alt text didn't appear. Can a Mac user help me on this .... my client use Explorer so i don't know if he can turn On/Off the alt text ???

    Please help Mac guru


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    The alt attribute is not designed to be visible. Try using both alt and title and see if that helps.

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    Ray is correct — use the title attribute. The alt attribute is for alternate content in text-only browsers and other browsers in which do not support images. But the fact that IE displays alt text isn't a bug, it's a feature.
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    thank, i'll use TITLE in future ... but my client still saying that she doesn't see the bubble tooltip.

    Can we enable/disable this on Explorer for MAC and if yes, how to???

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    This will likely be different depending on what version of IE for the Mac you are using.

    That being said, this is where you would enable/disable the ToolTip feature on IE 5.0 (2010) for Mac.

    1. Open IE browser
    2. Click on Edit>Preferences
    3. Click on Web Browser>Browser Display
    4. Top-Right area for Toolbar settings has ToolTip flag.

    I hope that helps.

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    thank alot

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