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Thread: Cancel Submit with Button

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    Question Cancel Submit with Button

    Hi guys,

    I have a question or an issue.

    I would like to cancel a submit from muy submit-next button. The event starts from this input:

    <input type=submit name=ClickedButton value='Siguiente>>' class='nextButton'>

    And I would like to append something like onClick="checkPrec();" on this input.

    I have read thatI have to add on the <form> tag somthing like this:

    <form name="form" id="form" method='post' onSubmit="return checkPrec();">

    But I really need to do it from the button OnClick event.

    Du you have any idea how to make that possible? Is that possible?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Either way would work using return checkPrec();
    I always prefer to use onsubmit in the form tag.
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