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Thread: How to output the input data from the text box to a txt file

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    How to output the input data from the text box to a txt file

    I am making a webpage for OFFLINE use.

    In the webpage, the users are asked to input their school name and
    name in the text box in the page.
    Then, I want to output what their input data to a text file( for example, data.txt) in the form:

    SCHOOL NAME: (user inputted school name)
    NAME: (user inputted name)

    How can I do this using HTML? If I can't do it with HTML only,
    how can i do it using other tools?

    Thanks a lot for your help~

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    Not with html. If you use IE, ActiveX can be used with JScript: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/z9ty6h50
    Alternatively, run a server on the PC, then use the server language of you choice to read/write to a file.
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    Yes dear you can do it by using
    1. HTML
    2. Java Scripting (Client side scripting)

    just simply you have to do is stored all the information you want to save in text file in to the variable

    In javascripting variables can be defined by var variableName

    var schoolName=txtSchool.txt
    var studentName=txtName.txt

    And then this data as a txt file. For that I know the code but better you would do google for this portion it will be good for your learning and incase any problem you can text here . i will reply you


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