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Thread: How to save remote page that has javascript content

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    How to save remote page that has javascript content

    I'd like to save a single page automatically. The page uses javascript, and therefore I can't seem to use links, elinks, lynx, w3m or curl (I've tried them with spidermonkey but it keeps telling me to enable javascript) to do so properly, it always saves everything except the javascript rendered output.

    So I think the only what to do it would be in a web browser. So, say for intstance, I want to save the the main page, http://google.com and have it automatically save to my C:\google.htm. How would I do that? Is this possible?

    Could someone give me an example?

    Thanks much.

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    an IE only solution would use active x and most likely a security prompt.
    Why not view the source code and save it from notepad?
    (you only need to change the .txt extension to .htm on the save prompt)

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