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Thread: javascript problem

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    javascript problem

    Please help an elderly lady who has usually managed to sort out problems, but cannot sort this one. Internet explorer keeps popping up saying that it could not connect to javascript:clickRefresh()
    This is popping up all the time,and sometimes I can go back to my PC and find this message on lots of windows. This is spoiling my enjoyment of using my PC.

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    Go into control panel and disable updates. Open all your regular applications and click on their help menus, disable automatic updates. If you bought a new machine, you are now enjoying a brave new world. If you ever get things settled, pray that your machine will last for the expected 3 years without hardware problems. Tough luck, mom. We all get the same headaches, you can try to fix it but I'm betting you'll get fatigued before that happens. Forget about it if you can, it'll take more than a day to solve your problems. Your new toy may have come with a battery but its chock-full of buggy goodness too!

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    Sounds like malicious software, try is tool: http://www.microsoft.com/security/ma...e/default.aspx
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