I'm currently working on increasing the loading speed of a customers website. I know that using an image preload doesn't make the site faster, but I would like to use one so nobody sees his site naked.

Here's what I got:

<!--javascript image pre-load-->
<!-- hide from non JavaScript Browsers

function preloader() 

Image1= new Image();
Image1.src = "images/logo.png";

Image2 = new Image();
Image2.src = "images/index/security-guard-computer.jpg";

Image3 = new Image();
Image3.src = "images/index/padv-conference-banner.jpg";

Image4 = new Image();
Image4.src = "images/index/security-guards.png";

Image5 = new Image();
Image5.src = "images/contract_security_services.png";

Image6 = new Image();
Image6.src = "images/private_security_services.png";

Image7 = new Image();
Image7.src = "images/corporate_commercial_security.png";

// End Hiding -->

<!--end preload-->
<body onLoad="javascript:preloader()">
There must be a mistake I'm making. I notice when I clear my browser cache and try loading the page that the images still appear visible while loading.
I've done a lot of digging in the forums and through the internet and decided I just needed to ask.

Any thoughts?

You can visit the page at http://www.taurusprotection.com