I have the following piece of code which was stolen from some article on the 'net:

var authElement = dojo.byId("authTarget"); // authTarget is a div
var deferred = dojox.io.windowName.send("GET",{
	url: "http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=benjamin+schirmer",
	onAuthLoad: function(){
		authElement.style.display = "block";
	authElement: authElement // this will cause send() to use the authorization protocol

Apparently it's a popular hack to get around the cross-domain issue with dojo.xhrGet. My issue is that the callback guy doesn't return anything (it's supposed to display an alert box with the results). However, the script does populate authTarget with the result BUT I cannot access this data. I can see the authTarget on the page with the results but calling dojo.byId("authTarget").innerHTML returns a bunch of iFrames as opposed to the content of the div.

Any ideas on how I should read the callback results? Thanks!