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Thread: Specifying DOCTYPE for xml in Perl

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    Specifying DOCTYPE for xml in Perl


    I have written a perl script which scrapes a website and generates an HTML file. I pass on this file to a java servlet. On parsing the xml in the servlet i sometimes get a org.xml.sax.SAXParseException. I noticed that this exception is because the generated xml sometimes contains characters like nbsp, Iuml etc which cannot be parsed by the xml parser. Is there some way I can get over the problem?

    Doing a bit of online search I found that declaring entities like
    <!ENTITY nbsp CDATA "*" is one way to have a well formed xml. But how do I declare the entities in the perl file?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    I suggest you to convert the entities to numeric ones. I suggest using one of these modules:
    or XML::Entities (the author of which is accidentally me).
    Both are capable of converting named entities into numeric ones, which are inherently supported by XML.

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    Thanks Sixtease,

    I was able to get around the problem using the same method!

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