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Thread: CSS 'color' setting problem?

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    Unhappy CSS 'color' setting problem?


    I am having a problem setting the text color for one of the sections of my design, the white box on the left hand side refuses to have #3c3c3c color text with out changing the rest of the text from #f7f7f7...

    i have spent the last 2 hours trying to figure it out using FireBug, but just can't get it...

    Any Help or Oppinions on the design are appreciated...

    Please find page at yabo.co.uk/layout.php, i can provide the source code in zip or rar compression if you ask...




    This is an internal only site, and will only be used in FF3+, so you don't have to provide any IE or Safari workarounds, unless you wan't to...
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    If you add this style below the .box style in your style sheet:
    .box p:last-child {
    	color: #???;
    It will color the text in the box below the line, and not the title text above the line.


    I would suggest changing the first <p> tag to an <h?> tag to indicate that it is a heading. Then you can style the text a bit more logically, for example:
    .box h3 {
    	color: #3c3c3c;
    .box p {
    	color: #00f;
    Would produce your grey heading with blue text below the line.

    Nice looking, easy to use design BTW!

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    thanks westweb, i will be sure to try that out, thank you for the compliment on the design...

    the second part of the design makes more sense, i totally forgot about the h? tags, and will look for other areas in the design where they can be used....

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