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Thread: Session problem in MOZZILA

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    Session problem in MOZZILA

    Hi All,

    I have developed a web application using jps. I have a user pages, which can be accessed after entering login credentials. If a user tries to go the a certain page directly without logging in, it directs to login page, this works perfectly in all browsers except mozilla.

    I have created session in all pages and checking if session is null or not, but still the users goes directly without logging in into a page where login credentials required. This is a major problem in mozilla. How to overcome this problem. Any solution regarding this would be appreciated.


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    Make sure that your test browser's cookies have been cleared. JSP's default is to use a cookie based system.

    Let me know if this cures mozzila's problem.

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    Hey benjamin_s,

    Thanks for your helping intention. I have already solved the problem, just forwarded page using jsp forward if session is null.

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