I have been trying to merge two command scripts, and have gotten nothing. I am trying to use javascript commands to open a new window on Firefox, and on that opened window simulate a Tab key press.

This is the full script that I have come up with so far to open two windows, with the websites being yahoo.com and google.com. ***To fully help me please copy this script, paste to Notepad, save as a .html file and run it on Firefox. You will notice a "Open Windows" button will appear. When you click on it the windows will open:

<script type="text/javascript">
function open_win() {
window.open("http://yahoo.com", "newwindow1")
window.open("http://google.com", "newwindow2")
<input type=button value="Open Windows" onclick="open_win()">


Now this is what I have come up to simulate a Tab key event when you press the ENTER key:

<script language="javascript>
function fakeTab() {
if (window.event.keyCode == 13 && window.event.srcElement.tagName == "INPUT")
window.event.keyCode = 9;
documet.onkeydown = fakeTab;

What I want to do is merge these two scripts, so that when I press that "Open Windows" button, the new window opens and the Tab key press is immediately simulated to move to the next field on the webpage.

I understand that JavaScript is event driven, meaning some event has to occur before you can make things happen. The user must push a key or click somewhere on the page before you can relaly do anything with an event. I want to have the clicking of the "Open Windows" button, that first triggering event which opens a window and simulates the tab key press on that window.