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Thread: JS NewsTicker not working in IE8

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgnwsk View Post
    It looked too me like you are angry on me for what I have wrote or something
    Oh, well probably because I use words like "crap" and crap like that. Yeah, I'm not angry, I'm here to help

    Basically the only change I did (except the already mentioned change in HTML code) is writing the tick() function in jQuery instead of plain old javascript. That's why we have it. All the cross-browser stuff that may or may not work in some browsers is for jQuery developers to sort out and then we use jQuery with no fear of browser versions. Since you already included jQuery in your page, it would be a shame not to use it.
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    Sorry man, I appriciate your help. I was just *****ing with this applet or with this website for few days now. I am not getting paid for it or anything (family work yayyyyyyy) so I was rushing to explain everything without too much attention. I am more designer than developer so a lot of the page is just cropped in pngs (not very accessible nav or footer) [probably other things also] but I just wanted to get it finished asap, and you helped me on this so thanks again

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