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Thread: Trapping A Spammer

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    Trapping A Spammer

    We've been attacked by a spammer who identified a security hole in our content management system and has been dropping tens of thousands of spam comments on us in the last couple of weeks.

    We've traced the offending IP to Altushost, but unbelievably, they tell me their Terms of Use policy permits this sort of robot activity. Their tech support line actually told me "they allow spam".

    We've identified and patched the hole so the comments are no longer being saved, but the activity persists, consuming bandwidth and server resources.

    My child-like fantasy brain says I should create a booby trap so that when he tries again, my server launches a DoS attack but
    a) that will get my server banned
    b) I'm not sure I could do it anyway
    and c) even if I could, it's counter productive to stoop to his level.

    So... the question here is, what would you do?
    Is there anything else I should be doing, or do I just put up with the lost bandwidth and move on?

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