Hi all,

I recently added some SSL security to my CakePHP application (yes, it is necessary) but I'm having a really bizarre problem.
I have an autocompleting text-input which grabs data from the following url:
Using POST data to specify the person's name. This has been working absolutely fine up until this point.
Now the AJAX request has problems because it is expecting some JSON but instead gets a Cake error page saying:
PHP Code:
Missing Controller

Error: Controller could not be found.

Error: Create the class Controller below in file: app/controllers/controller.php

class Controller extends AppController {

$name '';
The weird thing is, however, that if I access the page normally I get a normal JSON response (empty because I haven't POSTed any data but JSON nevertheless).

Does anyone have any ideas?

On a small aside: for some reason the AJAX request is being sent to an SSL page even though I'm browsing a normal HTTP:// page rather than HTTPS://. The URL is set relatively as I've shown above. That doesn't matter really, it's just odd.