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Thread: Hide <div> for rest of users session once closed

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    Smile Hide <div> for rest of users session once closed

    Hi guys so I have this website: http://www.eatdrinkmerry.com and see the top bar reading "sign up your restaurant" that appears after approximately 3 seconds after the page loads? What happens when you click close button on the right is that the bar disappears, now this bar appears on every page and what I need to have happen is once it gets closed by the user, it does not appear again for the rest of the user's time on the site. I'm assuming that this can be done by a cookie or something.
    Somebody please help me out, thanks!

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    You got it... you need to use a session variable, something that will keep track not by page but by session.

    I remember seeing a jQuery session variable plug-in that could be slick (but i cant seem to find it) the easy way will be cookies & jQuery has some great cookie plug-ins


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