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Thread: If condition on SQL

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    If condition on SQL


    I have the following sql statement

    "SELECT fat_id, crn, sum(adet) as ad, sum(line_net) as ln, sum(line_vat) as lv, sum(line_grand) as lg FROM inv_lines where fat_id='$row->id' group by fat_id"
    So, I would like mysql to check each row as summing and if the crn field is "EURO" then the respective field value for line_net should be multiplied by a given constant value

    Is it possible

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    PHP Code:
    $sql ". . . SUM(IF(`cm`='EURO', `line_net` * $multiplier, `line_net`)) . . ."
    See http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/...ml#function_if
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