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Thread: Draw a triangle with CSS/Javascript

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    Draw a triangle with CSS/Javascript

    Well, not really a question but I'm pretty pleased with this JS I wrote I had to create triangles for this project I'm on, but there really isn't much out there in the way of that. Especially for things like mouseover effects.

    Give it a go, let me know what you think! The only limitation atm is one side of the triangle MUST be flat, facing NSE or W. It's going to have functionality for specifying any 3 coordinates soon, and dragable capability as well a few more bits.

    (See attached txt file, rename to html)

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    Very limited at the moment - could be acheived with two images

    For ideas have a look at:


    For inspiration have a look at:


    Plus the tiger is not an image!

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    I can't see any problem here, triangles can be done in CSS using border property, like here: triangles with different shapes and orientations using only CSS. These examples work in very old browser, you don't even use CSS3 in this case.

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