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Thread: Table data into a form

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    Table data into a form

    I've hit a wall with my script any help / ideas would be really appreciated.

    I've written some reporting which fetches data from three mysql tables, applies some php logic then populates a table in a page with (amongst other fields) a medal (Gold, Silver, Bronze). There needs to be some manual moderation by visitor at this point. A visitor should be able to override the automatically calculated medal if they don't agree with it. Hopefully the screen shot attached makes sense.

    I then want the overriden medal be updated in the original database table.

    I'm stuck on how I process all the medals (including moderated ones) in one go.

    Hope this makes sense


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    I think you would have a better chance of getting some help if you posted your code.

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    My code

    That's a good shout, thanks Here's my code:

    PHP Code:

    //connect to server
    $con mysql_connect("localhost","username","password");
        if (!
    'Could not connect: ' mysql_error());
    //connect to db
    $categoryid $_POST['dept'];
    //echo $categoryid;
        //get course category name
    $get_dept_name mysql_query("SELECT name FROM mdl_course_categories where id = $categoryid");
    $dept_name mysql_fetch_assoc($get_dept_name);
    $dept_name_text $dept_name['name'];
    "<br /><br />";
    "<form method='post' action='http://musca/process.php' name='gsb_process_form'><br><br><input type='submit' name='submit' value='Process GSB Medals'></font></p><br>";
            <table border='1' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='2' width='100%'>
                <td bgcolor='#C0C0C0'><b>ID</b></td>
                <td bgcolor='#C0C0C0'><b>Shortname</b></td>
                <td bgcolor='#C0C0C0'><b>Course name (click name to visit course)</b></td>
                <td bgcolor='#C0C0C0'><b>More course info</b></td>
                <td bgcolor='#C0C0C0'><b>NEW GSB SCORE</b></td>
                <td bgcolor='#C0C0C0'><b>Previous GSB Score</b></td>
                <td bgcolor='#C0C0C0'><b>Override GSB</b></td>
    //get course codes from department
    $get_dept_codes mysql_query("SELECT id, shortname, gsb, fullname FROM mdl_course where category = $categoryid order by id asc");

    //loop through and process gsb stats for courses 
    while($row mysql_fetch_array($get_dept_codes))
    $courseid $row['id'];
    $courseshortname $row['shortname'];
    $coursefullname $row['fullname'];
    $old_gsb_score $row['gsb'];
                if (
    $old_gsb_score == ""$old_gsb_score "&nbsp;";
    $old_gsb_score $old_gsb_score;
    //bronze stats
    $standardslinknum mysql_query("update coursestandards set coursestandards.linksnum = (SELECT count(*) FROM mdl_resource where type<>'ims' and course=$courseid) where coursestandards.courseid=$courseid");

    //silver stats
    $standardsassnum mysql_query("update coursestandards set coursestandards.assignmentnum = (SELECT count(*) FROM mdl_assignment where course=$courseid) where coursestandards.courseid=$courseid");
    $standardsfeedbacknum mysql_query("update coursestandards set coursestandards.feedbacknum = (SELECT count(*) FROM mdl_feedback where course=$courseid) where coursestandards.courseid=$courseid");
    $standardsimailnum mysql_query("update coursestandards set coursestandards.imailnum = (SELECT count(*) FROM mdl_mail where course=$courseid) where coursestandards.courseid=$courseid");
    $standardsfeedbacknum mysql_query("update coursestandards set coursestandards.feedbacknum = (SELECT count(*) FROM mdl_feedback where course=$courseid) where coursestandards.courseid=$courseid");
    $standardsinteractnum mysql_query("update coursestandards set coursestandards.interactnum = (SELECT count(*) FROM mdl_resource where type='ims' and course=$courseid) where coursestandards.courseid=$courseid");
    $standardsquestnum mysql_query("update coursestandards set coursestandards.questnum = (SELECT count(*) FROM mdl_questionnaire where course=$courseid) where coursestandards.courseid=$courseid");
    $standardsquiznum mysql_query("update coursestandards set coursestandards.quiznum = (SELECT count(*) FROM mdl_quiz where course=$courseid) where coursestandards.courseid=$courseid");    
    //gold stats
    $standardschatnum mysql_query("update coursestandards set coursestandards.chatnum = (SELECT count(*) FROM mdl_chat where course=$courseid) where coursestandards.courseid=$courseid");
    $standardsforumbacknum mysql_query("update coursestandards set coursestandards.forumnum = (SELECT count(*) FROM mdl_forum where course=$courseid) where coursestandards.courseid=$courseid");
    $standardswikinum mysql_query("update coursestandards set coursestandards.wikinum = (SELECT count(*) FROM mdl_wiki where course=$courseid) where coursestandards.courseid=$courseid");    
    //Gold, Silver, Bronze logic
    $bronze_score mysql_query("select coursestandards.linksnum from coursestandards where coursestandards.courseid = $courseid");

    $bs mysql_fetch_assoc$bronze_score );

    $bss $bs['linksnum'];
                if (
    $bss 30$gsb_score "In Dev";


    $gsb_bronze 1;

    $silver_fetch mysql_query("select coursestandards.assignmentnum, coursestandards.interactnum, coursestandards.feedbacknum, coursestandards.questnum, coursestandards.quiznum from coursestandards where courseid = $courseid");

    $silver_array mysql_fetch_assoc$silver_fetch );

    $silver_counter 0;

                    if (
    $silver_array['assignmentnum'] > 0$silver_counter ++;
                    if (
    $silver_array['interactnum'] > 0$silver_counter ++;
                    if (
    $silver_array['feedbacknum'] > 0$silver_counter ++;
                    if (
    $silver_array['questnum'] > 0$silver_counter ++;
                    if (
    $silver_array['quiznum'] > 0$silver_counter ++;
                    if (
    $silver_counter 1$gsb_silver 10;
    $gsb_silver 0;

    $gold_fetch mysql_query("select coursestandards.forumnum, coursestandards.chatnum, coursestandards.wikinum, coursestandards.imailnum from coursestandards where courseid = $courseid");

    $gold_array mysql_fetch_assoc$gold_fetch );

    $gold_counter 0;

                    if (
    $gold_array['forumnum'] > 0$gold_counter ++;
                    if (
    $gold_array['chatnum'] > 0$gold_counter ++;
                    if (
    $gold_array['wikinum'] > 0$gold_counter ++;
                    if (
    $gold_array['imailnum'] > 0$gold_counter ++;

                    if (
    $gold_counter 1$gsb_gold 100;
    $gsb_gold 0;

    $gsb $gsb_bronze $gsb_silver $gsb_gold;

                    if (
    $gsb == 111$gsb_score "Gold";
                    else if (
    $gsb == 11$gsb_score "Silver";
                    else if (
    $gsb == 1$gsb_score "Bronze";
                    else if (
    $gsb == 101$gsb_score "Bronze";
    $gsb_score "In Dev";
                            <td><a target='_blank' title='Click to enter this course' href='http://musca/citybit2/course/view.php?id=
                            <td><a target='_blank' title='More course info' href='http://musca/stats/courseinfo/course_info.php'>More course info</a></td>
                            <p align='right'><select size='1' name='override_gsb'>
                            <option value='Gold'>Gold</option>
                            <option value='Silver'>Silver</option>
                            <option value='Bronze'>Bronze</option>
                            <option value='In Dev'>In Dev</option>
                            <option value='exclude'>Exclude</option>
                    <input type='hidden' name='prevgsb' value=
                    <input type='hidden' name='currentgsb' value=
                    <input type='hidden' name='courseid' value=
    "<input type='hidden' name='course' value=$dept_name_text>


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