New here, and know nothing about PHP. But I believe PHP is what I need to accomplish this task.

I need to show/hide some content (in my case a graphical button), based on a recurring weekly event. My client is doing a live streaming video cast every Thursday from 3-4. She wants a button to appear ("click here to tune in LIVE!") for just that duration of time. When her show is over at 4:00, the button disappears until the next Thursday at 3:00 (This is all in US Central Time).

Of course I could do this manually each week, but that is inefficient and unreliable, so I'm looking for a way to automate this task.

I have been searching for hours and have come up empty. The one thing that was closest was this thread:

which sounds like what I need to do, but it is using javascript instead of PHP. I would be fine with javascript, except that it uses the web visitor's computer clock, which could be inaccurate and doesn't handle the fact that vistors could be in a different time zone. I need it to be based on the server's clock instead.

So, can anybody point me in the right direction using PHP to do this? Again, I know very little about PHP, so please be patient with me.

Thanks in advance.