Dear all,
I have given snippet of code in that it is cgi file in which i am using iframe , source of iframe is calling another cgi file.
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      this is ABC.cgi file
      <script type="text/javascript">
      function interval_setting(){ _clear = 5; _clear = setInterval("xmlhttpPost11('index.cgi','tracker_shower','Latest_frame','Tracker_loader',_clear,'','','')",20000);}
   <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF"onLoad='interval_setting();'>
      <td bgcolor="#ffffff" height="75">
          <div id = "Tracker_loader" align = 'center' style = "display:none"><img src='/images/ajax-loader.gif'></div>
         <iframe id= "Latest_frame" src="bidsupdate.cgi?TYPE=$type" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" height=100% width=100%>
now setInterval function calling xmlhttpPost11() that function is actually a ajax function which is Reloading this iframe(Latest_frame).
now in bidsupdate.cgi i met a condition where i need to stop this setInterval()
but how i can do that ....
can i write some code in bidsupdate.cgi file to clearInterval But how ....

waiting for reply
thanks in advance