Help me!, I'm using Slimbox2.js and call this script everytime when someone visit my website (Homepage only):

<script language='javascript' type='text/javascript'>
            jQuery.slimbox(&quot;;, &quot;Welcome to cststudio website!&quot;);
Now what i want to do is,
How do i get this script to be called just once time?

I think GET COOKIES will work, but i'm newbie on javascript.

Here the explanation:
1. Someone visit my website (ex:, and navigate to (ex:
2. When the user get back to ( the user wont get this slimbox appear
3. It will appear only if the user close the browser tab/window, and open the website again. (OR whatever script to get cookies and delete it when the user time has expire)

I would appreciate if somebody help me to solve this problem.